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30 August 2022


Spring 10 reasons why you love it:

  1. The weather warms up.
  2. You get to say good bye to the frigid cold.
  3. Days get longer and nights get shorter.
  4. Your mood improves.
  5. Sunlight equals Vitamin D.
  6. Bird chicks start chirping.
  7. Fruit and veggies start sprouting.
  8. Flowers start blooming.
  9. Grass turns green
  10. Trees! Trees! Trees!

Spring makes its own statement, so loud and clear that the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments, not the composer. – Geoffrey B. Charlesworth

Whether you’re raising veggies for the whole neighbourhood or just like a few flowers by the front door, spring is the season for getting your hands dirty. There truly is nothing more satisfying to me than witnessing tiny little seeds germinate and grow. If you are like this then it’s time to get busy in the garden.

5 jobs to do this month in the garden:

  1. Add compost to newly prepared garden beds and dig compost in about 25cm to 30cm deep.
  2. Mulch! Mulch! Mulch! Add a 10cm layer of mulch. This helps seedlings and plants stay hydrated during the heat of the summer and it also breaks down. Adding to the soil much needed nutrients.
  3. Keep snails and slugs in check. Many people have various forms of prevention for these critters. Egg shells, sea shells, coffee grounds, garlic, wheat bran or corn bran are eaten by slugs and snails and they cause desiccation and death. Totally organic and if wildlife eat the corpses they are getting extra nutrition.
  4. Weed regularly before it gets out of hand. Remember: One year’s seeding is seven year’s weeding!
  5. Fertilize perennials in preparation for spring. This will ensure that they have a good start to a long season throughout summer.

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